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How does it work?

Accessing the equity in your home through SmartRE is a simple four-step process.

  • Use the calculator below to decide how much equity you'd like to sell (you retain full ownership and control).
  • Provide your property details (an appraisal, a mortgage statement, and a few photos) and put your home on our app.
  • Buyers review the app and purchase minority equity in your property.
  • You get the money (less our ONLY fee of 6.5%) and stay in your home.

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See How Much Equity You Could Cash In

This virus has such a nefarious impact. Now home values are dropping, so I'm cashing in. Just living here was like hitting the lotto. Why risk losing all my gains?

Jorge Cupertino

"SmartRE allowed me to access my home's equity faster, easier, and MUCH less expensively than traditional alternatives. What a great way to protect the increase in my home's value"

Jackie San Mateo

"A reverse mortgage doesn't make any sense; I’d never be able to relax. With SmartRE, I liquidate my home’s equity and get to keep it – it’s the best of both worlds. Now I can lock in my gains and stay in my home!"

Frieda San Francisco

"My house has grown so much in value, but I didn't know how to turn that into cash. Home equity loans are too time consuming and have high, ongoing costs. With SmartRE, I just list and my gains are protected. Simple!"

Lou Tiburon

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Why are we SmartRE

Because SmartRE lets you get cash from the equity in your home – for a one-time, low fee. Traditional alternatives can't say that....

SmartRE than Home Equity Loans

Home Equity loans cost 6 times more than SmartRE, can negatively impact your credit rating, and add debt at a time when you’re trying to reduce debt.

SmartRE than reverse mortgages

Reverse mortgages have notorious pitfalls, including ongoing and hidden fees (closing and mortgage insurance), heir planning problems, and potential medicare issues.

SmartRE than moving

Selling the home, or moving from one dwelling to another, is the most stressful thing in life according to 2/3 of people polled in a recent study - even more stressful than divorce!

SmartRE Buyers

Investors are eager to capitalize on appreciating home values in Silicon Valley. But they aren’t interested in owning an entire home just to do so.

SmartRE’s unique platform permits buyers to acquire shares of a SmartRE homeowner’s equity. For as little as $1, they are investing in the California Dream.

If the home appreciates, their share appreciates. Buyers either recoup their investment when the home is sold or by selling their shares to other investors in the SmartRE marketplace.

Either way, the homeowner continues life as usual – the buyers don’t know who they are or where they live.

SmartRE Sellers

SmartRE homeowners are in total control:

No fee is paid to SmartRE until all of the equity placed on the platform has been sold.

Until the home is sold, there is no repayment and there is no time limit.

No ownership will be transferred from the homeowner.

Investors never know the address of listed homes.

When a homeowner eventually decides to move out of their home via a sale, the value of the shares of equity sold on SmartRE is transferred to their particular investors.

Be SmartRE

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“Our house grew in value by 120% since 2011. These days that growth can be wiped away. With SmartRE, we cashed in our huge jackpot and protected our largest asset.”

Jon Cupertino

Join over 600 homeowners just like Jon across the Bay Area that have accessed over $60,000,000 in cash from the equity in their homes. List in under a week, get cash in under a month – and CASH IN YOUR JACKPOT.

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    * Limit one discount per property; must be in the SmartRE market area; must provide all required information