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Fund your projects quickly with SmartRE's Immediate Equity Sale

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How does it work?

Starting new projects through SmartRE is a simple four-step process.

  • Decide how much equity you'd like to sell (you retain full ownership and control).
  • Provide your property details (appraisals, mortgage statements, and rental property income).
  • Convert properties to individual or revocable trust ownership.
  • We determine appropriate terms. You get the money and invest it to make more.

Fund your portfolio. Cash in your equity today.

Expand Rental Portfolio

"We've got a portfolio of 20 homes with good rental income. We'd like to double that. Using our existing equity, SmartRE is providing the down payment we need to expand."

Fund our Expansion

Upgrade Your Units

"We just bought a 10 unit building. With significant upgrades, we can double our rental income. We're selling some of our equity to SmartRE to pay for the upgrades. We just buy back our equity when tenants move in."

Double our Rental Income

Flip More Homes

"Flipping is rewarding, but getting financing is difficult. SmartRE makes it easy. Because we buy with cash, we can sell half of our equity through SmartRE. It's always more than we need, and when we sell we're able to pay back and start the whole process again."

Access Working Capital

Renovate & Sell

"We're developing a prime, luxury residence in the mountains. Renovations are necessary but costly. SmartRE buying our equity is making this project possible. Once we sell, it's on to the next one."

Make Our Upgrades Possible

Now Available for Businesses

SmartRE started with individual homeowners in California's Bay Area. We've helped over 600 homeowners raise over $600 million through sales of their equity. We're now providing access to our unique process to businesses. You'd be smart to contact us. We're the SmartRE way to grow your business.

We're the SmartRE Way to Access Working Capital

How much cash can you liquidate?

“I accessed the cash in my portfolio's equity in just over a week. Now I have the capital I need to expand and grow. That couldn't happen anywhere but SmartRE.”

Omar Phoneix

Join companies like Omar’s who built their business by selling their property’s equity through SmartRE.  List in under a week, get cash in under a month – and GROW your BUSINESS.

Fund Expansion & Growth - the SmartRE way.