Real Estate Made Easy

SmartRE, the only mobile platform that benefits both homeowners and buyers. With insurance from Lloyd's of London

Anyone, Anywhere Can Be Part of the Real Estate‚Äč Revolution

We believe in giving our customers the freedom to buy into the large and safe US market without the pain of middlemen, property management, and maintenance.

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Liquidate without Taking on Debt

With SmartRE, sell a fraction of the equity in your home instead of borrowing. No need to worry about paying it back. And no interest payments. You stay in your property as normal.

Benefit from Appreciating Real Estate

SmartRE lets you buy as little, down to $1, or as much as you are comfortable and lets you choose where you want to buy without relying on fund managers. Our customized insurance policy covers your fraction of the home value should anything happen to the property.

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